It’s surprising to
most of us when
we find out that
some of our favourite everyday foods contain
75% of the salt we eat.

That’s because the processed and packaged foods we turn to for quick and convenient meals can contain way too much hidden salt. Australians are consuming nearly double the recommended daily salt intake of 5g (roughly one teaspoon), which can increase the chances of developing heart attack, kidney disease and stroke.

Be informed on the salt content of some of your favourite grocery items to help Unpack the Salt in your life.

Many of our favourite foods contain too much salt.

Some of the common grocery items below are surprisingly high in salt. Click on an image to learn the average salt content per serve and then consider your daily salt intake the next time you reach for an item at the supermarket. The best options have less than 120mg of sodium per 100g, and ok options have less than 400mg per 100g.


(1 serve = 90g)
Average salt content per serve: 0.75g (300mg sodium)


(1 serve = 50g)
Average salt content per serve: 1.98g (790mg sodium)


(1 serve = 20ml)
Average salt content per serve: 0.36g (144mg sodium)


(1 serve = 300g)
Average salt content per serve: 3.74g (1497mg sodium)


(1 serve = 200g)
Average salt content per serve: 1.4g (560mg sodium)


(1 serve = 400g)
Average salt content per serve: 2.42g (968mg sodium)