Bread: Worth its salt?

Bread is always hot on the lips of anyone talking about diet and health. Too carby, yeasty…what about salty? Hmm, well maybe a little. But it’s a nutritious part of ANY balanced diet, and in moderation – it’s sweet as!

It’s true some breads can have a lot of sodium (the part of salt that impacts our blood pressure and heart health), but we just need to be aware how we can limit the amount we get from eating bread – like choosing brands with lower sodium content or limiting the amount we have in our daily diet.

There is definitely no need to lose the loaf or shun the bun. Not only is bread delicious, but it provides our bodies with a range of nutrients like fibre and B group vitamins (folate, thiamine) and that we require to function properly. If we don’t get these nutrients we begin to lack energy, feel sleepy and rundown.

Could you imagine trying to pack your child’s lunchbox and having to avoid bread? Sliced sandwich bread, wraps and rolls are staples in most people’s diets and lunchboxes. They all have different levels of sodium BUT there is no need to avoid them – just choose the lower sodium option. Two bread rolls that look identical can have VERY different amounts of sodium in them! The key is to read and compare the labels, then choose the one with the lowest sodium content. This might seem overwhelming but it’s not that bad! There’s even an app that can pretty much do all the work for you – all you have to do is scan the barcode and pick the lower salt option tab to get the best sodium reduced option available. Download it here.

Now salt isn’t just added to bread for any old reason, it actually fulfils a function. Over the years though (and lucky for us), food manufacturers have been working to reduce the amount of sodium in their products. For this to keep happening though, we need to continue to demand it by continuing to pick the lower salt options at the supermarket each week.

We can also control the amount of salt we’re having when we fill our sandwich or roll too. Just need to get creative with tasty, healthy and low salt fillings! Like some of these:

Low salt fillings