Top 5 kids lunchbox swaps to skip the salt

Does it sometimes feel like it’s impossible to pack a healthy lunchbox for your child? Do you feel like it’s a challenge to pack something healthy that your children will want to eat?

This is a test many parents will have faced, including when it comes to the levels of salt in your child’s lunch.

Did you know that 75% of the salt Australians eat comes from packaged foods?  These high salt foods and snacks can sometimes be lunchbox staples. Here are 5 simple lunchbox swaps you can make; use these ideas to make a huge difference in the amount of salt your child is eating!

1. Swap flavoured rice crackers for plain

Rice crackers are often viewed as “healthy snacks”, but did you know the flavoured varieties can be packed with salt? A super easy way to make a big difference is to swap to a plain variety. Many brands are making ‘no salt’ or ‘lightly salted’ versions of rice crackers. Another, even better, option is to swap to an unflavoured rice cake; these generally have even less salt!

2. Swap ham and cheese for roast chicken and avocado in a sandwich

Did you know ham and cheese sandwiches can contain up to 60% of the recommended daily salt intake? Swap these ingredients for a tasty alternative with much less salt; try a chicken and avocado or an egg and avocado sandwich.  Remember to choose a bread that contains less than 400mg of sodium per 100g.

3. Swap a high salt dip for a low salt alternative

Dip with veggie sticks is a fantastic option for lunchboxes, however some dips can be full of added salt. You can still purchase delicious dips, just be sure to check the label and choose an option with low salt content. Some great choices can include hummus, tzatziki and veggie-based dips; look for less than 400mg of salt per 100g. Better yet, try one of these quick 5 ingredient dip recipes.

4. Swap a processed cheese stick for a boiled egg

While cheese is a great option for protein, processed cheese sticks can contain large amounts of salt. A hard-boiled egg is a great alternative; it’s full of protein, very low in salt and just as easy to eat on the go!

5. Swap a store-bought muffin for homemade zucchini slice

Muffins may be tasty, but they are usually loaded with too much salt, sugar and saturated fat. Zucchini slice is a great alternative; cut a larger slice for lunch or a smaller slice for a snack. Try out our scrumptious recipe here.