5 easy swaps for a lower salt lunch

You know what it’s like; you’re rushing to make the train, so you throw a pre-prepared lunch into your bag as you head out the door… Or, your work is piling up and, with little time to take a lunch break, you head to the nearest takeaway…

The quickest and most convenient lunch foods and take away options can be loaded with salt. If you are aiming to unpack the salt in your lunch, try out these five easy swaps:

1. Choose tuna in spring water over flavoured tuna 

Canned tuna can be a super healthy and quick meal, perfect for lunch at work. But you may not know that flavoured tuna can contain much more salt than tuna in spring water. If you like your tuna with more flavour, try adding salternatives like lemon juice and cracked pepper or, for a hint of firey spice, add some extra chilli flakes.


2. Try unsalted nuts instead of salted varieties

It’s simple; unsalted and uncoated nuts have much less salt. Next time you are buying your nut mix, reach for the dry roasted and unsalted versions; they are still scrumptious!


3. Go for a salad sandwich over a ham and cheese toastie

The good old ham and cheese toastie is a staple of takeaway cafés around Australia, but these lunch (and breakfast) meals can contain 60% of your daily maximum salt intake! Instead of eating these salt packed sandwiches, grab a fresh salad sandwich or wrap. Be sure to say “No” to any added salt and “Yes” to some cracked pepper for a healthier flavour boost.


4. Say “yes” to sushi and skip the stir-fry

Take away stir-fry can be loaded with soy, fish and/or oyster sauces; each of these sauces are super salty, so adding them together makes for an extremely salty lunch. Try sushi or sashimi instead but remember, avoid adding too much soy sauce; as soon as you start adding soy sauce you are adding extra salt. Also, try to choose sushi with fresh ingredients that haven’t already been coated in salty sauces; as a tip, steer clear of the teriyaki chicken and choose fresh salmon and avocado instead.


5. Last night’s leftovers become today’s lunch

Finding the time to prepare a homemade lunch can seem impossible. The simplest way to make it happen is to use leftovers from last night’s dinner; just make a little more than usual and you have a ready-made meal for the next day. When you make your own food, you are in control of exactly what goes in, so cook up a storm low salt recipes here.