Top 3 lower salt stir fry recipes

Stir fry’s are a fun, colourful and quick way to get plenty of veggies into your diet; and they can be delicious! Unfortunately, we can reach for salty soy sauce to boost our stir fry’s flavour; soy sauce can be full of salt, which can put our heart health at risk.

Never fear! Finding reduced salt soy sauce at the supermarket is easy, and most people can’t taste the difference. There’s no need to skip the stir fry, but it’s a healthy idea to explore alternatives to soy sauce or to come up with ways to use less of the sauce in your cooking.

Add some flavour to your stir fry’s

As mentioned above, look out for a reduced salt soy sauce at your local supermarket and aim to use less of this sauce in your stir fry. You can give your Asian-style dish a flavour boost with salternatives, including chilli, ginger, garlic and lime.

Are you unsure about creating a delicious, healthy stir fry without salty soy sauce? Try these delicious recipes, each of them is made using a low salt version of the traditional Asian stir fry sauce:

1. Pork and ginger stir fry

This healthy take on the classic pork and ginger combination is sure to be a hit. The recipe is packed with flavour but is lower in salt than a typical stir fry.


2. Chili fish stir fry

Are you short on time? You can be eating this super quick stir fry in just 20 minutes! Plus, the chilli and fish flavours give this recipe a freshness that is perfect for Summer.


3. Pork and pineapple fried rice

Are you are craving something sweet in your dinner? This recipe includes pineapple, which adds the perfect burst of sweetness in this veggie packed dish.


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