Is salt really a meal time bad guy?

What’s the big deal about salt? Isn’t it essential for life? Well, yes, it is. But most people are eating far too much salt. Many Australians are eating so much salt that this “meal time bad guy” is damaging their health.

A super quick guide on why too much salt is unhealthy.

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride, and it is the sodium in salt that can damage your body (read more about the difference between sodium and salt).

Blood pressure

Eating too much salt leads to too much sodium in your bloodstream, which can cause fluid overload. Over time, this can result in high blood pressure.

You could have high blood pressure without even knowing it; you can’t feel blood pressure, and there are no noticeable symptoms. High blood pressure puts your health at risk because the increased pressure places additional strain on your arteries, which can damage them.

When your arteries are damaged, the flow of blood to your body’s organs can become interrupted. If blood flow is blocked and blood can’t reach your heart, you could have a heart attack. If a blockage means that blood can’t get to your brain, you could have a stroke.

High blood pressure can also lead to kidney disease.

Next time you see your regular doctor, ask them to check your blood pressure.

Other health issues linked to too much sodium

Eating too much salt has also been linked to osteoporosis, stomach cancer and fluid retention, which can lead to feelings of bloating and swelling.

Cut back on salt – now!

It has never been more important to cut back on salt in your diet. And, it’s easy to do: there are many low salt/ no salt alternatives you can try when cooking or eating. Tempted to try some full flavour, low salt recipes? Cook up a low salt storm today!