Low salt leftovers make a delicious lunch

Rushed mornings and short breaks can make it challenging to eat well at lunch. Many seemingly healthy take-away foods are loaded with salt – and its hard to tell. Key culprits are salty dressings added to salads, sushi and poke bowls and salty sandwich fillings. What to do?

Leftovers to the rescue!

The easiest lunch preparation time-saving hack is to cook more than you need the night before; that way there’s plenty of scrumptious leftovers for lunch.

Click the links below to discover some delicious dinner recipes that will leave you with yummy leftovers for lunch the next day – minus the salt load!


1.Pork and ginger stir fry  

Stir-fry is the leftover champion! Making stir-fry is quick and easy and you can simply add extra ingredients to be sure there’s plenty left to eat tomorrow.


2. Summer veggie slice

Enjoy the freshness of summer all year long. This scrumptious slice is full of veggies, low in salt and totally delicious! Veggie slice is a great dinner when paired with a side salad. Plus, it can be easily microwaved for a healthy workplace lunch.


3. Beef and green vegetable pasta bake 

This hearty family favourite works perfectly for lunch and dinner. If you make a big batch, there will be plenty left for another day. Split the left overs into meal sized portions and pop them in the fridge or freezer; then grab one for lunch when you’re on your way out the door.


4. Quinoa and salmon patties 

Super healthy and delicious for dinner and lunch, you can make as many patties as you need and freeze or refrigerate for later. If you’re eating these for dinner, serve with cooked vegetables and for lunch, eat with a fresh green salad.


5. Lasagne  

Cooking up a big lasagne may take a few hours on the weekend, but a big enough serving will last across many dinners and lunches to come. For lunch, match a smaller slice with a side salad of greens, tomatoes and cucumbers.


We hope you enjoy these recipes and they inspire you to get creative with your own low-salt “left over” lunch recipes.

Bon appétit!