The pursuit of health
is driving widespread innovation across the food manufacturing industry. It is an excellent point of difference. Consumer insights show that making health a priority enhances your reputation and positions your brand for the future.

75% of the salt in the Australian diet comes from processed and packaged foods, and consumers are eating almost double the daily recommended intake. Developing products that are as healthy as possible but also tasty, competitively priced and safe, is no simple matter. But a growing number of companies in Australia and world-wide are proving it can be done.

To help and inspire more companies to improve the nutritional content of their products and reduce salt, we are engaging with food manufacturers and collecting the best case studies we can find.

Do you have a reformulation case study you would like to share? Are you interested in finding out more about the salt reduction project? Email us at

Woolworths – Salt Reformulation Case Study

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Unilever – Commitment Statement

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We have compiled some of the available resources to help food manufacturers,
retailers and suppliers on your salt reduction journey.

1 Online Resources
2 Australian Policies & Salt Targets
3 Technical Food Reformulation
4 Grants & initiatives that can
help you to reformulate
6 Industry Reformulation News