Why should I take part in a challenge?

By eating less salt, you can take the pressure off your blood pressure! Eating too much salt can, over time, raise your blood pressure. High blood pressure is the most significant contributor to developing heart disease, including heart attack and stroke. Increased blood pressure can also heighten your risk of developing kidney disease.

When you start small and take on a lunch focused challenge, you can learn to make positive changes in just one meal a day.

Once you have this sorted, you can continue to make changes to the rest of your diet. This might mean swapping a food product for a low salt option, or it might involve trying a new lunch recipe; think of all the new, delicious tastes you could discover!

After you’ve completed your 10-day Unpack your Lunch challenge, you can then try the same approach for your dinners. And later, for your breakfasts and in between snacks too.