Why is reducing salt in your diet important?

Each day Australians consume 8 to 9 grams of salt in their diets; this is close to double the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended daily intake of 5g (one teaspoon).

The Heart Foundation knows that a high level of salt in your diet is one of the leading heart attack causes, it also greatly increases your chances of developing kidney disease and experiencing a stroke.



You are likely eating more salt than you should, and this happens without you even knowing it.  This is because 75% of the salt we consume is hidden in packaged and processed foods.

The time has come to take control of how much salt is in your diet; your heart will thank you for it.

Unpack your Lunch Campaign

The Unpack your Lunch campaign is focused on increasing people’s willingness to reduce salt in their diet, as well as their family’s diet by starting with the middle meal of the day, lunch. Salt is hidden in our processed and packaged foods and it’s almost impossible to know how much we are eating and where it comes from.

By understanding the health impacts of salt, people can then join the 10-day Salt Challenge and take small steps to actively reduce their salt intake. This is the third phase in the Unpack your Salt campaign. Look out for more information through search, digital banners and social media during the campaign.

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